What underlies the divergent history of two languages: Catalan and Piedmontese.

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I am a Spanish speaker, with Piedmontese and Catalan ancestry currently living in Barcelona, and our opinion reflects exactly the facts about Catalan and Piemontèis. But behind this phenomenon there is a problem that has to do with nationalism. In Catalonia, the language is driven - in addition to the interest of maintaining the language itself - for political reasons: separatism. Catalonia has a long history of conflicts with Castile, while Piedmont had exactly the opposite role: to unify Italy. The Piemontèis is becoming the language of the elderly; the new generations speak basically in Italian, while in Catalonia one can see the new generations of African or Latin American immigrants speaking Catalan everyday.

Both Catalan and Piedmontese reflect the great power that schools have; in Piedmont, children have been italianized and in Catalonia they have been catalanized.

In addition to the above, due to the European Union and the global weight of the English-speaking countries, all of them are also beginning a process of integrating English gradually more and more, which causes an "internationalization" that has the potential to sweep away regional and national identities (luckily !!! This continent is characterized by causing some major nationalist wars)

Then there are very different attitudes among the young Piedmontese and Catalans: the former are imbued with the spirit of unification, while the latter (always speaking only of the hard Catalan speaking sector) have a segregationist spirit against Spain and everything Spanish… and also - although it is difficult for the Catalans to recognize this - by definition this nationalist spirit is also anti-European.

The experience I had in Piedmont and Catalonia is colored by this fact. To speak Piedmontese in Piedmont is greeted with surprise and joy, but not as necessary; while speaking Catalan in Catalonia has become quite a political statement and is forced by public institutions.


Mutation is timeless and belongs to time simultaneously

Understanding is always instantaneous, but each flash then needs a time to "settle" in the whole being. That is not instantaneous.

A good example was given by Krishnamurti with the case of getting rid of habits - it takes 3 days: one day to observe what happens to one, another day to others ... etc.

While the essentials are instantaneous sparks of observation, those sparks cause an effect on the entire system that takes time to manifest.

And the same happens globally; the people who mutated thanks to the teaching of K are few, its effect is discreet and it is not yet noticeable, but little by little humanity is being affected.

So we have that perception affects material level simultaneously instantaneously and gradually.

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How can we use I-Ching to divine politics?

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Originally the I Ching was written as a book about divination in general, later versions were written oriented towards the social and military. 
Obviously, language and visions of the I Ching are located in the circumstances of thousands of years ago; so, what is really important is to learn the energetic meanings of bigrams and trigrams, because that's where everything else comes from.
If we understand well their different meanings and combinations, we will not need to resort to any further interpretation: we will see directly in action those energies in everyday circumstances.

How would Maitreya actually come back and get a message out?

In fact, it has already come ;)

Buddha Gautama's prediction that Maitreya would come when the Buddhism taught by him would no longer exist, has been fulfilled with the advent of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

The teachings of Krishnamurti are the blossoming of Buddhism. Gautama also predicted that his doctrine would be subject to degeneration, but not so the Buddhism that would be taught by Maitreya.

But while this is the main factor (the continuity and perfection of the teachings of the Buddha) there are others: the story of Krishnamurti is perfect from every point of view, going through the esoteric, scientific and astrological.

And also as it happened with the teachings of the Buddha, it will probably take about 200 years before there is an explosion of Krishnamurti's teachings.

Truth has its own rhythm.