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AstroFutbol: Predictions of Manchester United - Barcelona, Champions League 2011

Translate from spanish the latest updates of this note, with more dreams, I Ching, etc at


Here we are not afraid of losing face!
Just translate the previous predictions of my blog "AstroFutbol"...

Right now we are collecting visitor's dreams and premonitions about this game; you can write them as comments below.
Later, we'll publish predictions based on Astrology, dreams, hunches, I Ching, and some obscure esoteric-technical thing called "T1" to give a global impression through the different divination systems.

Good dreams and better match!

* Thanks to the dreams of Jorge & Cristian. This can still change based on newest dreams - but it would be weird!



(It is not from Eduardo this time, but hope it will work :)

While this game is destined to be memorable for some unknown reason, it will start with too much momentum and errors, including accidents. The configuration of violence - lesions - errors that was active in the last matches of Barça will remain strong, especially in the FH, with an addition: there will also be a configuration of many goals, some notable due to defensive mistakes, as we have seen recently (ie. Madrid's goal in Camp Nou)
As time goes the game will become more and more fluid; the general trend is toward a return match with great fluency on both sides, with many individual and collective inspiration.
However, the stars will be strongly inclined towards Manchester in the first half hour, this does not mean that Barcelona will be paralyzed, however, things just tend to sprout better for the English than for the Catalans.
If there is a favorable time for a goal of Manchester, will be during this period. Then gradually the “blue-purple” will begin to dominate. But, as noted above, this is a return match: the same stars that are favorable to Manchester will also be active for Barcelona.
One thing seems certain, is that the FH will not go scoreless. A particularly favorable time for a goal or risk of goal will be from 20:00 to 20:10 hr of London. From then until the end of FH things will be pretty good for Barça. If I were Guardiola, I'd send all players forward, since they would have good cosmic support at the end of this period, in the same way at first I'd concentrate more on defense and blocking the game of Manchester.
In short, this may be a good time for the British. During the second half, we'll see another story.

In a game predicted as dynamic, with great fluency, etc, is almost impossible to predict long periods of dominance of one of the two teams, especially when the regent stars of the sudden inspiration will be so strong. This notice also serves to FH; during the whole game we can see the fulminant backlash surprise by anyone.
The only thing we can say with some certainty is that the astrological balance will oscillate first on the English side and then on the Catalan side in general. In SH this will be well noticeable, until the stars reach their culmination in the last 15 minutes of the game, at which time Barça has made its own in other games of this championship, taking advantage of their stars very well. In case of extra time, things will get better and better in this regard.
Again, the time to watch in H2 will be toward the end, especially in the minutes surrounding at 21:15 pm of London, a great astrological moment for Barcelona to definite the match. But be careful with this: these same stars that had favored Barça have also helped Manchester in the recent past, so we can expect a good tango, quite unpredictable. That will be not a moment to fetch the lemonade at the fridge (hey, Jorge … :)

As I said, time is running out for Barça, it is downhill from the astrological blows expected in the FH and also in flashes of the SH. The question for Barça is to bear at first to rule later. Even the result of one goal down at the end of FH might be favorable to Barça, given the celestial changes that will reach full completion toward 21:45 pm in London, when the whole sky will be pulling for Barça.

This match is very difficult to predict because analysis have shown that the same stars that favor one also favors another, but there is the general trend of the "Manchester better first, then Barcelona," in the mid of steady backlashes and sudden inspiration on both sides.
A really exciting, changing game.
Why I lean, then, towards Barcelona?
There is a very slight advantage based on the Moon-Jupiter conjunction and the position of Uranus and Saturn that make me predict that the “Blaugrana” will win. If they are still entire at the last 30 minutes, the Champions League trophy will be leading to Catalunya.


I've copy here the two dreams that make us to guess that the next champion will be Barcelona. One is of a Barcelona's fan and one from Real Madrid; both dreams took place in the semi-finals games between Barcelona-Real Madrid, and they are already partially fulfilled.

Jorge's Dream (Barcelona fan)
The second dream I've had last night I think it's more symbolic. I am consulting an astrological chart on the computer. There is a match between Barcelona & Liverpool. The first chart appears to be more favorable to Barça. Another chart speaks of equality and different playing field. My feeling is trust and confidence.

Cristian's Dream (Real Madrid fan)
... The other was last night, is divided into two, I remember seeing a game at the college where I studied, on the second floor on a cement soccer field, and they were playing with tops of Madrid, and the opposing team had dark blue shirt, and I think the game was boring, but I saw no famous face between the players of Madrid, just a bald player with Real T shirt. I went out with my family and did not see the game because I thought we had already been eliminated and there was no point to watch the game. Suddenly I'm told that Madrid has beaten Barcelona and we have qualified for the final, and I tell my uncle “champions of what”? Because earlier he has said to me in real life, in Facebook, that Barcelona will be the champions of Europe without even having played the final, and I said it was too early to say that.

René Cantuña Montenegro's Dream
Well I'm from Ecuador and had a peculiar dream, I was playing for Manchester against Barcelona at the final of the Champions and Rooney scored a goal with a pass that I gave him, I do not remember more but Messi was injured and Manchester won 2 to 0.
My prediction for the dream is that the new champion will be Manchester.

Jorge's Dream (05/15/2011)
Tonight I dreamed again. It is a dream with some similarity to that in what I had the
wooden plank in the semi-final with Real Madrid. I awoke with a start, in this case of euphoria and joy.
The dream was very short and very concise. I did not know from who came the voice. A curious thing is that I've had apparently irrelevant dreams these days, but with a common denominator: Messi. He always appears in my dreams. He appears not playing, but with street clothes, and does not intervene in history, only appears with the smiling and shy giggle she has.
I dream that I am painting a wooden structure with wooden oval pieces parallel to each other, so that one row is black and other white, alternating. I know it has to do with the game against Manchester, and suddenly a voice says to me "be calm, we win"

Marcial Gonzalez Camperi:
Great dream, Jorge ... Juicy! The voice, from where did it come? (up, down, behind, below, sides). As for Messi, tell me what color was his clothes. Greetings

I can not tell, it is a voice of someone who is with me, but I can not give more details. About the dress of Messi, I do not know because it is a character who appears but is not involved, then I do not pay much attention to him. But I know that Messi is present and when I wake up I have his impression.
The voice I think comes from a side, but I can not say 100% accurate

Jorge's Dream (05/17/2011)
I see Barça playing on television. The camera focuses only on the left goal which is where the Barça attacks. The images are from a very high, far away point of view. The ground conditions very bad, very muddy, the grass is being uprooted apart. It's a siege of Barça. The rival is indeterminate, with dark shirts. Pique and Messi have failed 2 times, and they mourn. Speech of good play, very good game, quick. Approving words. Feelings of calmness and happy ending

Jor's Dream (19/05/2011)
Marcial, I dreamed yesterday; although it was not a big dream but I dreamed that I was working and suddenly appeared on the couch Ryan Giggs, who have a dislocated shoulder. When I woke up I hadn't a good feeling. I may be pessimistic but I do not see so clear that Barça can win the Champions. I hope I'm wrong and you right.

Jorge's Dream (19/05/2011)
I dream I'm in a low house, big, old, which is located in a field. Many rooms and people. I identify coworkers. All are pending of radio and television. Real Madrid wins the game by a landslide with Valencia. At that time the Barcelona tie with Racing. Some Madrid fans say Barça is not going to win and that Madrid will reach them. When I leave the house I hear that Barça make a goal and wins the championship.

IHB's Dream (date unknown)

Browsing the Internet I ended up at your sports astrology website and it caught my attention for the 4 classics ...!!! The truth that I have visited some pages of this style and yours is the most successful one ...!!! It is amazing how well you predict with dreams, astrology, T1, and the I Ching, really engaging ...!!! Congratulations ...!!!

First of all tell you that I am very culé, ie staunch supporter of Barça and I write because the other day I had a dream (I'm talking about last week) and I still remember it very vividly and with very clear images ...!!! I'll explain it to you if you want to publish it in your website along with the other dreams about Champions League final ...!!! I see that you are about forecasting for Barça since the semi-finals as well ...!!! I hope so and win the 4th Champions ...!!! It would be a dream to win again in Wembley ...!!!

The dream was as follows ...

I remember we played at home, looked like the Nou Camp, and seemed to rival Real Madrid because he was white, yet it was after Shakhtar Donetsk (our rival in quarters) ... well, they start marking the earliest two goals ... and we get 0-2 down ... and in the second half or the end of the first half, we started to pick up a goal by Iniesta ... and we get to the end winning the match 4 - 2 ... I remember in the dream that it was not the final but the semis and there will be still the second leg with a home team that was all in white ... (Madrid, but then it was the Shakhtar ...) and well, I commented to a friend with some fear that they would with a 2-0 at the end ... but at the end of the dream there was a final sense of peace, quietness, a lot of joy, much joy and victory ... and that's how I woke up and I still have that feeling ... but honestly every day that is approaching the Final ... I feel more "shit" and respect toward Manchester, and I see that it is not going to be easy ... but something inside me tells me that it is a fixed win, suffering a lot and costing us a lot ... but we did not know ... I think and love this whole alternative world ... fate, superstition, you name it ... something in me and my intuition (and as a good Pisces I have a lot of intuition...) I usually rarely get wrong ...!!! Well Galaxio, I would love if it is not much to ask that you interpret the meaning of my dream; and feel attracted, I think in and I love this world ...!!! I really like your page since the 4 classics and continue to do so ... it is really fun and looks very professional ... very interesting and one of the best I've seen on the network at the astrological level, if not the best! Come on, you hit most if not all ... in fact in the 4 classics you hit it all !!!!!! Please, if you publish my dream on your website ... do not put my name, put IHB!

Greetings, it is a pleasure to tell you my dream ... if I have more between now and the Final, I'll tell you ...!!!

Great job and keep yours as well with so interesting and fun BLOG ...!!!

Visca el Barça!

Marcial Galaxio's Dream (2011-05-21)

After watching a basketball game where a team "San Carlos" or something like that had been defeated by 500-something to 50-something, and then the phrase "unbearable loss" appears. The loser was the visiting team.
Then, in a table are some people, including Javier Portales (an old argentinian actor), who want to make a donation to Jack Nicholson. His sits at the other end of the table, and I see Javier and a tall, black man writing a number of donation: a cipher that begins with 13 and ends with 8, and it catches my attention because the 8 is written with 2 zeros. Jack laughs like the Joker, noting that that people apparently does not know he is a millionaire, and he enjoys the situation. There is light around him. Then Javier, who forgot the words of a text and regrets having been born in Peru, goes imitating the children's ride (he died in 2003)

It is part of a “serial” dream, but if I have to interpret this for the match, it means good news for Manchester. The general feeling is of underestimation and ignorance about the English actor.
The question is to find out who the real "visitor" at Wembley is ... Barcelona is the nominal local, but Manchester is playing at home so both are “visitors” in some way... and also the question is to find out if Nicholson is a fan of Manchester. If so, then goodbye ...

(Later...) CONFIRMED! Nicholson is indeed a Manchester fan!
Nicholson is a keen sports fan, regularly to be seen in courtside seats at Los Angeles Lakers basketball games at Staples Center and the former Great Western Forum. In 1999 he appeared on the UK TV chat show Parkinson, where he described himself as a "lifelong Manchester United fan".

While the dreams of George and Cristian are typical, Rene's one deserves special attention because he is actively involved in the game, which may be an indication of "desires dream" Similarly, yet these dreams usually have some hints, so we put it here. In particular, Messi's injury draws attention; it could mean a bad game for him.

Jorge Dream  (14/05/2011)
“I awoke with a start, in this case of euphoria and joy. The dream was very short and very concise.”
One of the strongest signs of a true dream is to wake up startled, for better or worse, and so if it is concise.

“(Messi) appears not playing, but street clothes, and not involved in the story ... “
This may be an indication of a NO prominent role of Messi in the final.

The painted panels on either color, and similar stuff, are usually signs of equality, as in the previous dream of the Classic 4. The emotion indicates a favorable final to Barça.

Jorge Dream 16/05/2011
"The ground conditions very bad, very muddy, the grass stands."

Can be interpreted as a bad game, or stuck on the part of both.

"It's a siege of Barça. The rival indeterminate, dark shirt."
Typical dominator-dominated frames.

Missed opportunities of Messi and Pique can indicate either that reason, as a bad game from both, as failing to realize the aforementioned domain, by the whole team. The final feeling again foretells a great time for Barça, and adds more to the mounting dreams ...

Jor's Dream 19/05/2011
As I said, true dreams have usually the mark of brevity. So, Jor, do not consider this dream as not being "big thing" ... yes, it can be!
Giggs is a very important symbol of Manchester. Your dream may indicate a poor role of the club through its iconic player but also - in parallel - a bad role of the player himself.
A strange signal here is your feeling on waking up ... may be because of your club or for the very image of the player on a stretcher. On the other hand, if you're pessimistic, this dream may be hinting you that your fears are unfounded.

Jorge's Dream  05/19/2011
Jorge, this dream will join the long list of your dreams in favor of the club. It seems that you have a high rate of anxiety or fear for this game, otherwise you would not dream so much. Typically, this dream can only be interpreted as favorable to Barça after a scare (this may be the novelty, and so I put it in the list below)
Lets the dream continue! Even if you have 35 dreams, I'll put them all here, hehe ...

Marcial Galaxio's Dream
Terrifying. After the confirmation of which is Nicholson's favorite team, I only can say that my own dream is the worst signal for Barcelona... 

BARCELONA WINS.............. 7
TIE ......................... 2
MUDDY MATCH (LOCKED )............ 2
Goal / good play by Rooney ...... 1
Goal / good game by Iniesta..... 1
Injury / bad game by Messi ...... 4
Piqué bad game .................. 1
Injury / bad game by Giggs ...... 1

The first tests clearly favor Barcelona

The current tests clearly continue the bias toward Barcelona ... actually it is getting more accentuated




Barça win very difficultly ...... 2
Barça wins ........................... 2
Manchester United wins ............... 2

Translated from: http://astrofutbol.blogspot.com/2011/05/manchester-barcelona-champions-league.html