The Beauty rests surprisingly anywhere

Bessède de Sault
Jean-Luc PJL

Response to a comment on this photo.

Regarding that tree that you say is as beautiful as any other Castilian, of course, is what I am saying.

I say that beauty is a mystery because it is something that is wandering around the world. Maybe the day before, or a month before, that same tree, that same perspective would not have been extraordinary. But one morning you go through the same place you've been through hundreds of times, and suddenly you realize that there is something else, a beauty that was not before. It can last for hours or days, but then, inevitably, it will also go away.
The beautiful are the outer forms, which remain, plus a mysterious special grace, which comes and goes with light or with wind or for inconceivable reasons.
This is much more visible to performance artists, who know perfectly well that they can play 100 times a theatre play but that the magic will only occur in a few of those times. And so are the painters and even the writers.
I believe that true artists are, essentially, hunters not so much of the apparent but of that stealthy grace.


The hot iron of Uranus

People migrate illegally to the USA because their countries are disgusting and that is the fault of the corrupt who steal the money. If countries were well managed, people would stay in their country.
Trump against the world

Originally posted on Facebook.

It makes me feel strange to post Trump on my profile, but I'm trying to decipher this case so singular from many points of view, especially the astrological.
His extreme astrological uranianity, which certainly was not reflected in a spiritual search - far from it - has perhaps been reflected in his stark vision of reality and the enormous capacity to communicate it directly to the masses, both being also Uranian qualities.
He has been a showman throughout his life and still is.

What he says is a very simple truth, something that we speak loosely in meetings and forums: we all know that our countries (I mean Latin Americans, Africans, Muslims, etc.) are corrupt and year after year they appear in the highest of the corruption index of http://www.transparency.org/

But if we speak to the people of those countries, while they may accept that "we have corruption", they will never accept that this is the primary cause of their chaos; on the contrary, the culprits will always be the developed countries "because they steal all our resources", "because they want to sink us", etc etc etc.

That is, they happily put the label "thief and oppressor country" to Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Holland, Australia, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Israel (and the list continues, obviously ending in UK and USA. Of course)

While we do not want to accept that the ultimate responsibility of the state of the countries in disgrace are their own inhabitants, what Trump does is tell us that on our face. His predecessors were more diplomatic, more politically correct, and did not dare to tell us this harsh truth; rather, they took us for fools: "you have problems to solve, like everyone else", "the problem is not Islam", "all poor / immigrants / refugees are good people", "the state must grow at the expense of private companies", etc.

And the people of the USA got tired. It's that simple.

It remains to be seen if we too are going to get tired of our corruption someday and if we will look at the mirror at once.
And perhaps Uranus does not manifest itself more than this way in this man, that is, putting ourselves in contact with the hot iron and urging us to do something about it.
And just this one has to fulfill that role, this one that is neither an example of honesty, nor education, nor profundity, nothing.

Ah, I almost forgot to say that Uranus is also very ironic.


The interference of genetics factors on objectivity

From a conversation:

The vast majority of discussions are actually to define who has the best genes; the subject itself does not matter. This is particularly visible in political discussions. There is no real interest in seeing things as they are, but imposing what suits you best - that is, the survival of one's own genes at the expense of the other. 

Then, when it comes to discussing the political issue at a table, that primary impulse mixes with "I see things better than you" - and therefore, my genes are better. The discussion becomes a verbal box match. 

Conversation outside the realm of the genetic need to survive and compete looks different, more like scientific discussions, abstracts, and so on.But the genetic question even interferes in the scientific field, when there are bloody discussions on subjects for which there is no definitive proof. 

Genetic competition is very primary, atavistic and clever to disguise itself as genuine non-egocentric interest.