Global Meditation, 2013-12-31, 18:00 UTC

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Passage of the moon through the Galactic Center.

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2013-12-04: Global Meditation

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Global Meditation, 2013 - 11 - 17

On Sunday the 17th the full moon passes through the Pleiades.

A good time to sit in silence everywhere.


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Differences and hate

Part of a dialogue in the Facebook group "Uranianos" , about the groups that are different from others and manipulations to which this leads.

We now face a problem ... suppose there is a group that really has a difference to others ... what do we do then?

Let's see, let me be clear: such a difference EXISTS, it is not imaginary. Say, for example, the Watusi's higher stature. Or the cylindrical body of the Eskimos, making them more suitable for cold weather.

So what do we do? We will deny those differences because "we are all equal"???
The problem are not the differences, but hatred.

The problem are not the differences, but hatred.

Nazism caused a trauma to humanity, when they related closely the differences between people with hate.
That was like "If you're different, I hate you". Although racism is preexisting to Nazism (and castes, etc) after the WW2 there was an overreaction to the see differences among human groups. It seems that everyone are similar, and seeing any difference between human beings takes you automatically to the Hitler's bunker.
"All human beings are equal" is the official mantra. And it's true, but inwardly, in the depths. On the surface, at organic level, there are many differences.

But what if you look at the differences WITHOUT hate?

For example, look at people with Down syndrome. The Nazis executed the handicapped "by damaging the social group". Ok, that's hate. But if you look at that guy "different" with compassion ... with affection ... where is the problem of recognizing that "he's not like us"???

Diversity is a sign of the infinite creativity of the Manifestation.
The truth is that, in the whole universe seems that nothing is repeated. That is, diversity is a sign of the infinite creativity of the manifestation.
For example, mutants have some different collective characteristics compared to the normal ones, but I have yet to meet two identical mutants.

Carpenters also have several differences with regard to, say, vocational hitmen, like vocational seamstresses are different from vocational mountaineers. If we look at these differences as "ah, you are superior / inferior" then we're going wrong.

We have to see the differences, period. Do not be blind to them voluntarily, for being "discriminatory". Are you  high? Ok, you're high. Are you yellow? Oh yes, you're yellow. Depressive? Skillful? Alienated? etc etc etc.
In India, I met a friend of K, Krishna Nath. He said that both the Buddha and K agreed on one thing: "seeing things as they are is the hardest thing there is." And he regards this as the most important thing in life.

Where the "superior / inferior" thing  starts, the simple, objective, perception of the fact is over, and hatred has crept almost imperceptibly.

Differences are unavoidable, but hate is perfectly avoidable.


Global Meditation

Global Meditation, Sunday, under a extraordinary configuration:

- Full moon with perigee in the Galactic Center



Wesak 2013: Global Meditation countdown

On May 24, 2013, at 18:00 GMT, we will make a global meditation to celebrate Wesak 2013.


Race and IQ

Dialog in the Eric Allen Bell Facebook:


My answer to this question is:

"Intelligence" is considered by IQ tests as the ability to solving concrete problems. But there is another definition of intelligence, that is "expansion of perception." This is due to the coexistence of two minds: the thinking mind and the perceptive mind. So, a mad scientist could overcome these tests easily while living a crazy life, while the Buddha could fail on them although having the deepest wisdom of the world. So these tests are revealing that, on the one hand, we are not different from other animals and suffer the same pressures and evolutionary responses, but on the other hand, we also have to consider the existence of the other - non measurable - intelligence.

It is important to consider the following:
technological-concrete -practical intelligence becomes destructive if the other intelligence (the sensitive intelligence, perceptive) is not present .
That's the intelligence that Gautama Buddha and Jiddu Krishnamurti talked about

And that is exactly what is currently happening in the world.

Sensitive intelligence does not seem be hereditary and if it is, then heredity plays a minor role in it. A map of sensitive intelligence could be completely different from IQ maps, because among its qualities is the relationship a person has with nature. For example, India would have a "sensible quotient" very, very high compared to other countries.
And there would be many more surprises like this.

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