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Old Roman Empire, New American Empire, and a story about mixing races

Part of a discussion in Quora with Patrick, an american citizen

Well, I'm still improving my English. Seems that there are chances that you also will have to improve your Spanish very soon XD

Too many concurrent themes to deal with at once.
Well, let's go, anyway.

Throughout the Roman empire the nordic people were admired by the color of their eyes and hair, and were considered good warriors, but in all cases they were also considered as barbarians. At the same time, Germans always admired Rome. Proof of it were the attempts they made to join Rome through the Holy Roman Empire, Austrian Empire, etc. Hitler himself was an admirer of Mussolini, from whom he drew many ideas.
But... during those thousands of years the Chinese, Japanese, and Indians (from India) considered ALL Europeans as backward in many ways, mainly in the religious-philosophical fields. The stories of Marco Polo can attest to the enormous difference that existed between them and us even in the Renaissance. Marco Polo did not hesitate to say that the Chinese were the most intelligent people in the world. A similar impact had Alexander the Great when he invaded India and knew a little bit of Hindu philosophy.

Speaking of the Renaissance, the Italian of that time was even more admirable than his Roman ancestors. And this was because Rome took the best gladiators from Africa and Northern Europe, the best Greek philosophers, the best artists from all over the Mediterranean, and so on. And concentrated them in Italy, where they left their genes. Of course, they also took the most beautiful women around. The best dancers, actresses, singers..
Once the ingredients were concentrated the resulting cocktail is Italy and its descendants, France, Spain, Portugal, etc. and all the culture they have created.

The Romans also took the Jews, by the way. One of the ethnicities with the highest IQ in the world. 1/5 of Spaniards have Jewish genes. 

Of course, the genetic mix is not always positive. It is like the famous story of the conversation between Isadore Duncan and Anatole France, who were discussing eugenics, came to a sudden stop when Isadore said: 

“Imagine a child with my beauty and your brains!” 
and Anatole responded: 
“Yes, but imagine a child with my beauty and your brains!”

As proof of that, there is Michelangelo on the one hand, and Al Capone on the other.

After the various genetic ingredients have accumulated in an area begins a process of natural social selection, where certain genes will go to the upper classes and others go to the lower classes.

In short, what I say is that the genetic mix is favorable in the long run, although at the beginning it causes many problems. We are very conditioned by our genes, our past. You are probably an almost pure blond, and therefore a descendant of a long selection of ancestors who liked blondes, so for you, blondes are demigoddesses. But the same goes for the Asians: many, many of them do not like whites at all. For example, because our "dog noses" seem grotesque to them. You'd be surprised by how many Latinos (and mediterranean) do not like too-white skin, because it looks like "sick". And it is known how the Italians, but particularly the French, think that the rest of the world seems that "lacks something", some kind of charm or good taste.
But if you have two or more genetic pools in your blood, your tastes will diversify a lot. Personally I find Asians very attractive. Maybe I have some aboriginal American gene, then that is expressed in that way.

I have a great respect for the Nordic civilization. Scandinavians are great examples in many ways. USA is on its way to being a new Rome. I think it is no coincidence that the Capitol is inspired by the Roman architectural style (another example of Germanic admiration for Greco-Latin culture)

Part of the future greatness of the American global empire will be how it handles the difficult subject of racial and cultural mix. It would be good, in this sense, to learn what happened in Italy and France, the process of "aristocratic mixture" that took place through the centuries.

Ave Patricius!