Waking up

I dreamed that I was under a wonderful sky, that the planets shone in a celestial sky.
When I woke up I went out onto the terrace and saw that there was, indeed, the sky dreamed a few minutes earlier: the waning moon floating in the middle of Mars, Venus and Mercury, and the dawn bursting behind the mountains.
It was a glorious dawn, with restless spring breezes celebrating the birth of winter. The trees, the mountains, and the whole valley were wrapped in this dancing happiness, and the birds were awakening in the midst of all that.

Post on my old blog, June 23, 2003
The video is not from that day, but it was filmed in the same place
Thank you, Ignacio Drubich, for reminding me


The explainers of Krishnamurti

The issue is as follows:
There are already many analyzes of the teachings of Krishnamurti. There are whole books explaining it. Someone even once said that there was already a "K literary movement" in which many authors deal with explaining the teachings to others, something against which K warned a lot.

For me, each and every one of these analyzes are harmful because inevitably the teachings are filtered and distorted by the author's conditionings.

There are very few people in whom meditations arise and can amplify the shock wave of the teachings (so to speak), but such people never focus on K's personality or take the teaching itself as an object of analysis; rather, these meditations (as with K) are directed to the understanding of reality, of life.

That is, the person who lives the teachings is not going to deal with the logical dissection of what K has said; instead, it will direct its empty gaze towards reality and something that is not himself will be expressed.

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First bloom

By 2011 I made several attempts to plant "silk floss" (Ceiba speciosa) in our land of San Marcos Sierra, but the low temperatures of the area proved to be deadly unless the trunks and branches were protected in the winter nights.

Once the trunk reaches a diameter close to 10 cm the tree seems to withstand the cold by itself.

This year of 2017 its first bloom is a celebration.


The "self-help attitude" and the "scientific attitude" regarding the teachings of Krishnamurti

"Arbol solitario en un campo de lavanda con un paisaje de cielo tormentoso con profundidad de campo" 
"Lone tree in a lavender field with a stormy sky landscape with deep depth of field"
AnthonyZ Photography

Too often the understanding of Krishnamurti's teaching is much like the understanding of scientific facts.

When you study astronomy or zoology, you do not do that seeking to improve yourself "as a person"; You do it impersonally, without expecting results that affect you because you simply want to understand the facts of the universe.

But when we face the investigation of the facts of the human mind it seems that we become disoriented and we are already in the stream of "if I understand this, that will make me a better person."

It is a completely irrational leap and obstructs research. In fact, because there is a deviant interest, an inclination to see certain facts and not others, all inquiry ends.


When we speak from the intellect there is a recognizable atmosphere. There is a rhythm, a poetry (say) different than when we speak from meditative states.

That is, one does not transmit only words; instead, we also transmit the state from which these words arise.

Even if we say only one sentence, the meditative state charges that phrase with new meanings.

The meditative states are the only ones that instantly harmonize the other planes.

From a conversation


Just another "shoddy Krishnamurti" more. This time, even more dangerous

I found this photo after writing the note.
It is curious the liking that false teachers have about
placing flowers near them, when they are lying.

I think that Jeff Foster is even more dangerous than Tolle in the sense that (more shrewdly than Tolle) has avoided several points that could typecasting him as K's "interpreter":
    • There is no way to know how he makes money out of this, except for his books. He does not charge - as does Tolle - even to witness the recordings of his videos.
    • Adopts a position of "we are friends, I am not a guru" avoiding the stage with flowers like Tolle.
    • He does not mention K in the sense that he is someone who exposes his teachings; however, many things he says, K said it years before.
      I think that this introduction on his website can largely define Foster's message:
      "I do not see myself as a spiritual or self-help guru, or even a 'teacher', really, although some people like to call me that. I see myself rather as a loving friend, who simply reminds you of what, deep down, you have always known: that there is nothing wrong with you ... and that you are loved beyond words, always, just as you are, in this moment ... " 

      Wow. Hard to find anything more contrary to what K has said. The question is: why do people associate Foster with something similar to Krishnamurti's teachings? Just because they feel good when are close to him, or because he's good-looking, or because he's a Cambridge astrophysicist?

      Because if we refer to his words, he is proclaiming the deepest acceptance of the "Me" that can be expressed by the most threatening New Age guru I can know about.


      The best you can do to beat breast cancer

      List made on the basis of the latest scientific studies.


      Old Roman Empire, New American Empire, and a story about mixing races

      Part of a discussion in Quora with Patrick, an american citizen

      Well, I'm still improving my English. Seems that there are chances that you also will have to improve your Spanish very soon XD

      Too many concurrent themes to deal with at once.
      Well, let's go, anyway.

      Throughout the Roman empire the nordic people were admired by the color of their eyes and hair, and were considered good warriors, but in all cases they were also considered as barbarians. At the same time, Germans always admired Rome. Proof of it were the attempts they made to join Rome through the Holy Roman Empire, Austrian Empire, etc. Hitler himself was an admirer of Mussolini, from whom he drew many ideas.
      But... during those thousands of years the Chinese, Japanese, and Indians (from India) considered ALL Europeans as backward in many ways, mainly in the religious-philosophical fields. The stories of Marco Polo can attest to the enormous difference that existed between them and us even in the Renaissance. Marco Polo did not hesitate to say that the Chinese were the most intelligent people in the world. A similar impact had Alexander the Great when he invaded India and knew a little bit of Hindu philosophy.

      Speaking of the Renaissance, the Italian of that time was even more admirable than his Roman ancestors. And this was because Rome took the best gladiators from Africa and Northern Europe, the best Greek philosophers, the best artists from all over the Mediterranean, and so on. And concentrated them in Italy, where they left their genes. Of course, they also took the most beautiful women around. The best dancers, actresses, singers..
      Once the ingredients were concentrated the resulting cocktail is Italy and its descendants, France, Spain, Portugal, etc. and all the culture they have created.

      The Romans also took the Jews, by the way. One of the ethnicities with the highest IQ in the world. 1/5 of Spaniards have Jewish genes. 

      Of course, the genetic mix is not always positive. It is like the famous story of the conversation between Isadore Duncan and Anatole France, who were discussing eugenics, came to a sudden stop when Isadore said: 

      “Imagine a child with my beauty and your brains!” 
      and Anatole responded: 
      “Yes, but imagine a child with my beauty and your brains!”

      As proof of that, there is Michelangelo on the one hand, and Al Capone on the other.

      After the various genetic ingredients have accumulated in an area begins a process of natural social selection, where certain genes will go to the upper classes and others go to the lower classes.

      In short, what I say is that the genetic mix is favorable in the long run, although at the beginning it causes many problems. We are very conditioned by our genes, our past. You are probably an almost pure blond, and therefore a descendant of a long selection of ancestors who liked blondes, so for you, blondes are demigoddesses. But the same goes for the Asians: many, many of them do not like whites at all. For example, because our "dog noses" seem grotesque to them. You'd be surprised by how many Latinos (and mediterranean) do not like too-white skin, because it looks like "sick". And it is known how the Italians, but particularly the French, think that the rest of the world seems that "lacks something", some kind of charm or good taste.
      But if you have two or more genetic pools in your blood, your tastes will diversify a lot. Personally I find Asians very attractive. Maybe I have some aboriginal American gene, then that is expressed in that way.

      I have a great respect for the Nordic civilization. Scandinavians are great examples in many ways. USA is on its way to being a new Rome. I think it is no coincidence that the Capitol is inspired by the Roman architectural style (another example of Germanic admiration for Greco-Latin culture)

      Part of the future greatness of the American global empire will be how it handles the difficult subject of racial and cultural mix. It would be good, in this sense, to learn what happened in Italy and France, the process of "aristocratic mixture" that took place through the centuries.

      Ave Patricius!


      The Beauty rests surprisingly anywhere

      Bessède de Sault
      Jean-Luc PJL

      Response to a comment on this photo.

      Regarding that tree that you say is as beautiful as any other Castilian, of course, is what I am saying.

      I say that beauty is a mystery because it is something that is wandering around the world. Maybe the day before, or a month before, that same tree, that same perspective would not have been extraordinary. But one morning you go through the same place you've been through hundreds of times, and suddenly you realize that there is something else, a beauty that was not before. It can last for hours or days, but then, inevitably, it will also go away.
      The beautiful are the outer forms, which remain, plus a mysterious special grace, which comes and goes with light or with wind or for inconceivable reasons.
      This is much more visible to performance artists, who know perfectly well that they can play 100 times a theatre play but that the magic will only occur in a few of those times. And so are the painters and even the writers.
      I believe that true artists are, essentially, hunters not so much of the apparent but of that stealthy grace.


      The hot iron of Uranus

      People migrate illegally to the USA because their countries are disgusting and that is the fault of the corrupt who steal the money. If countries were well managed, people would stay in their country.
      Trump against the world

      Originally posted on Facebook.

      It makes me feel strange to post Trump on my profile, but I'm trying to decipher this case so singular from many points of view, especially the astrological.
      His extreme astrological uranianity, which certainly was not reflected in a spiritual search - far from it - has perhaps been reflected in his stark vision of reality and the enormous capacity to communicate it directly to the masses, both being also Uranian qualities.
      He has been a showman throughout his life and still is.

      What he says is a very simple truth, something that we speak loosely in meetings and forums: we all know that our countries (I mean Latin Americans, Africans, Muslims, etc.) are corrupt and year after year they appear in the highest of the corruption index of http://www.transparency.org/

      But if we speak to the people of those countries, while they may accept that "we have corruption", they will never accept that this is the primary cause of their chaos; on the contrary, the culprits will always be the developed countries "because they steal all our resources", "because they want to sink us", etc etc etc.

      That is, they happily put the label "thief and oppressor country" to Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Holland, Australia, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Israel (and the list continues, obviously ending in UK and USA. Of course)

      While we do not want to accept that the ultimate responsibility of the state of the countries in disgrace are their own inhabitants, what Trump does is tell us that on our face. His predecessors were more diplomatic, more politically correct, and did not dare to tell us this harsh truth; rather, they took us for fools: "you have problems to solve, like everyone else", "the problem is not Islam", "all poor / immigrants / refugees are good people", "the state must grow at the expense of private companies", etc.

      And the people of the USA got tired. It's that simple.

      It remains to be seen if we too are going to get tired of our corruption someday and if we will look at the mirror at once.
      And perhaps Uranus does not manifest itself more than this way in this man, that is, putting ourselves in contact with the hot iron and urging us to do something about it.
      And just this one has to fulfill that role, this one that is neither an example of honesty, nor education, nor profundity, nothing.

      Ah, I almost forgot to say that Uranus is also very ironic.


      The interference of genetics factors on objectivity

      From a conversation:

      The vast majority of discussions are actually to define who has the best genes; the subject itself does not matter. This is particularly visible in political discussions. There is no real interest in seeing things as they are, but imposing what suits you best - that is, the survival of one's own genes at the expense of the other. 

      Then, when it comes to discussing the political issue at a table, that primary impulse mixes with "I see things better than you" - and therefore, my genes are better. The discussion becomes a verbal box match. 

      Conversation outside the realm of the genetic need to survive and compete looks different, more like scientific discussions, abstracts, and so on.But the genetic question even interferes in the scientific field, when there are bloody discussions on subjects for which there is no definitive proof. 

      Genetic competition is very primary, atavistic and clever to disguise itself as genuine non-egocentric interest.