Open eyes

For so many years I thought that the problem of humanity was not to perceive the Good, to realize now that that is not enough, that more serious than that is not to perceive the Evil. 

Not to perceive both is to be blind. 
To perceive only the Good is to be one-eyed. 
To perceive both the Good and the Evil is to have both eyes open.

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I hug you but I want you away

Listening to the Spanish anthem whistling at the final of the Copa del Rey ... ok, historical reasons that led to that are understandable, but there is something very strange that often go unnoticed.

Catalonian and Basque nationalists get along very well, hug each other, sing together, are twinned in the desire to separate from Spain, but they seem not to realize that, in seeking independence, not only want independence from Spain but also from each other.

That is, now the Basque Country and Catalonia are one country and speak a common language ... if they become independent of Spain, Euskadi also will become independent of Catalunya and vice versa. This implies that in the latter, there is also a rejection of the "comrade independentist"

Then indeed there is a friendly spirit of "I want to see you farther and farther away."

This is also problematic, because suppose that after the mutual independence both Basque and Catalan forget the Spanish language .... mmm ... will be good to see with what language they will communicate with each other as in practice they are currently promoting a monolinguistic education in their regions. As a result, today many more schoolchildren and young people are seen talking in Catalan and Basque than 10 years ago, although this increase is being discussed.

If they become monolingual (this is one of the possibilities if nationalist movements succeed), future generations of young Basques and Catalans will be at the same distance from one another than both are now from a young German, because of their mutually unintelligible languages.

So they are friends hugging each other in an intimate desire to be away from each other .... this is very strange.
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