Trump's Lesson: What's Still to Learn About Uranian Genius

Right now, Donald Trump is heading directly to be the next US president.
The third great surprise after the Brexit and the Colombian "NO".
But for some astrologer some interesting questions arise.

Donald Trump's letter could deceive the most acute astrologer: such configurations are reminiscent of many personalities of a very different spiritual type.
In comparison, Hillary's is a very ordinary natal chart, with few traits of uranianity:

However, it is abundantly clear that the quality of goodness is more on Hillary's side than Trump's.

Can you be a genius without being benignant?

The Uranian type of genius is associated with expanded perception, and it is very difficult to associate this kind of intelligent goodness with the personality type of Trump, but it must be acknowledged that where Trump has shown Uranian genius has been in brutal sincerity, the ability to communicate directly facts that were treated carefully, diplomatically, even hypocritically. And may be that people are already tired of a virtual reality that is not reflected in the facts.

Brexit, Colombia's "NO" and Trump's triumph are all interrelated: they would not have been necessary if the more centrist democratic forces had looked at the facts as they really are, without disguising them in good will, with pious lies, with children sentimentality.

Uranus, behind a character as questionable as Trump, is bringing a new sincerity to the world.

It will be hard, but apparently, it is necessary.

If so, Uranus is giving us a great lesson about the absolute necessity of not departing from facts even a millimeter. Trump did it roughly, roughly, and it has triumphed, but only because the most kind, Uranian people in the other sense, have chosen to lock themselves in their little castles built with well-meaning dreams full of echoes of pretty words instead of looking at the monsters in the eyes.

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With this result I wonder what made the half vote for Trump, what part of HC people does not like, I was in California a few months ago and many people who voted for Obama now voted for DT. It seemed aberrant and thought what is this? What has changed now? What is there that we do not know about? What makes this result half and half? We live in Argentina where the same thing happened, a country divided ideologically. I wonder if the world is not becoming polarized. 

Marcela, it is becoming polarized, and a lot.  
In Europe the process is even more visible. 
Social networks are an essential part of this process: for example, during the campaign of Trump the brexiters were on their side while the european socialists militated alongside Hillary (even the ex-candidate of the PSOE traveled to USA to support her ... the poor guy must be ...) 

I think what is happening is that the two great minds that lead the world, the chaotic mind and the ordered mind, are increasingly being strengthened through social networks. But they are strengthened in an unexpected way: instead of an increasing knowledge of the other mind allowing a rapprochement, what is occurring is a full-blown confrontation. 

People with a predominance of chaos pile up in the nets and shoot at people with a predominance of order, who in turn do the same. 
And this matter of minds is not easy ... of course there are economic issues, etc., but for me the essential thing is the fact that the human being is moving through the polarization between the instinctive-oriented thinking, on the one hand (the "orderly" mind) and emotion-oriented thinking on the other (the "chaotic" mind) 

Meanwhile, on a massive level, the great mind that could solve all things, the sensitive-perceptive mind, sleeps the angel's dream.I hope so many weird terms are not confusing for you ;)


I still do not understand how a xenophobic, sexist and fascist could have control of the atomic bomb, incredible.

Well, it's long to talk, but it's not that difficult to understand.
In short, it would look like this:

  1.  there are some hard facts about the world situation that educated-democratic-humanist leaders do not want to see, or do not even want to name.
  2. As this is prolonged over time, people feel unrepresented by the picture that is painted by politically correct leaders until finally ....
  3. comes a jerk and says: "the king is naked!"
 And voila! In truth, it is not so difficult.
The hard thing is to look at those hard facts directly in the face, and that is something that an important percentage of the population resists to do.
The thugs are not really necessary. What is necessary is that educated-well-intentioned-resistant-to-looking-at-the-harsh-reality people end up seeing that harsh reality as it is.


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