There is no single cause nor entity

Taken from a discussion:

We tend to blame the "fault" of something to a single factor, but that's just a supposition: almost nothing in life is triggered by a single cause.

All these factors influence, sometimes in opposite directions, sometimes all in the same direction. In the example we are seeing, the person is subject to:

  • Psychological factors a person
  • Energy factors of a person
  • The social factor
  • The energetic factor of the environment
  • Astrological configuration
... And sure there are more.

The diet and drugs consumed by the person can be added to the energetic factors, but they are not the same.

The social factor is a bit of both components: psychological and energetic. I prefer to call it "groupal mind". But even that's not the energy. When you go to a football stadium in middle of the game, one can be dragged by the groupal atmosphere of the people, but if one enters another day at the stadium, at a time when there is nobody, you will still feel something because those energies remains in the walls. Krishnamurti spoke about this when he referred to the walls of the temples where the energy of thousands of years of mantras remained "attached" to them, etc. And for that reason, also he made talismans to study centers.

Then, suppose a person, who is naturally sensitive, is exposed to all of these factors simultaneously:
  • has a addict body or chaotic (unstable) constitution
  • his energy is weak
  • he is in a delirious social environment
  • the energy of that environment is intense
  • There is a chaotic astrological configuration
If in the midst of all this he is carried away by the chaos, what is the culprit?

There is no single factor: the giant waves of Nazaré, in Portugal, are the product of a special combination of different factors, and so it is with the events of our lives.

It is very important to see clearly this.

This problem of seeing things in a simplified form, ie, ONE entity doing something due to A SINGLE cause may be a case of projection of the ego on the facts. If you look at the facts "in the Nagarjuna way", ie, essentially with no real entity, you will see only impersonal energies tides coming together and falling apart.

The assignment of
entities to both individuals and influences is a trap of thinking with a center.