Thunderstorm in Argentina

Where I live, San Marcos Sierra, is in an area of ​​high lightning activity.
The storms here are spectacular, and should be a tourist attraction in themselves.
And if you do not believe me, just watch the video.


USA elections: Obama or Romney? T1, the divination test


2012-11-07 - Experiment over


T1: How much will live Hugo Chavez?

This experiment tries to elucidate two questions:
  1. Whether the current president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, will be cured of the cancer he has - or not.
  2. If he does not heal, how long he will live.
The test is in spanish.
To date, the difference between "he will not be cured" and "he will be cured" has widened with the days; the prediction is clearly "he will not be cured."
At this point, the only question that remains is the date when Chavez could die. Most of the time, the option that indicates 2012 as the possible year of his death, is the one that has been longer on top. But the other two options are very close, so we decided to extend the predictive experiment in the blog "Vaticinio"
To date, the prediction is that Hugo Chavez will not be cured of the cancer, no definition about the date of his death.


Romney - Santorum: who will win?


Prediction: fulfilled


Experiment over
Romney will get the Republican nomination

An experiment on the predictive capabilities of the global mind, trying to guess who will be the next GOP candidate for president of the US.

Current trends 


Super Bowl XLVI: A divinatory game!!!

"T1" is a new prediction technique developed by me (Galaxio) since the last soccer World Cup and subsequently tested in the soccer championships of Europe, Spain and Argentina.
There have been remarkable hits!!!

You can find more about T1/T2 tests in the AstroFutbol blog (in spanish) under the label "T1" and "T2"



Final review of the results 
(written after the game)
As you know, we did this experiment to see if there is a difference between the T1 made ​​by people who are knowledgeable about the subject and those who are unaware about it, mostly.
It was easy to determine the two groups in the results.
Participants included the usual "Astrofutbolers" (Jorge, Herok, Carme, Aquari,Guestguest, Raul Gomez, Galax) and there was also a greater number of people from"outside", mainly from USA and Europe, but also from Asia.
The picture between us - supposedly lay in football - and the "new" - supposedly knowledgeable of the game - was as follows:

Nuevos = New participants, very probably football fans.
Astrofutbol = usual participants, unfamiliar with football

As you will see, the "new" winner was Giants, and the Patriots for us, "Astrofutbolers".
Then the question arises:
Why in the total, the "profane" bet beat the "connoisseurs" of the game?
For the simple reason that the profane played only 1 or 2 times, and we, however, many times each. This accumulation of points also seen in the graph.

What is the conclusion on that?
That the knowledge of the game affects the T1.
This is not exactly what I expected, since this is about exposing what the Deep Mind knows about a topic, but it is assumed that that mind knows all and should not be influenced by the knowledge that every person have on that particular issue.

From now on ...
I will add a bonus question on the degree of familiarity of participants with the topic.
The accumulation of points for individuals will be supplanted by the average individual

I thank you all who continue to engage in this experiment, and we will see how it goes.