The "self-help attitude" and the "scientific attitude" regarding the teachings of Krishnamurti

"Arbol solitario en un campo de lavanda con un paisaje de cielo tormentoso con profundidad de campo" 
"Lone tree in a lavender field with a stormy sky landscape with deep depth of field"
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Too often the understanding of Krishnamurti's teaching is much like the understanding of scientific facts.

When you study astronomy or zoology, you do not do that seeking to improve yourself "as a person"; You do it impersonally, without expecting results that affect you because you simply want to understand the facts of the universe.

But when we face the investigation of the facts of the human mind it seems that we become disoriented and we are already in the stream of "if I understand this, that will make me a better person."

It is a completely irrational leap and obstructs research. In fact, because there is a deviant interest, an inclination to see certain facts and not others, all inquiry ends.


When we speak from the intellect there is a recognizable atmosphere. There is a rhythm, a poetry (say) different than when we speak from meditative states.

That is, one does not transmit only words; instead, we also transmit the state from which these words arise.

Even if we say only one sentence, the meditative state charges that phrase with new meanings.

The meditative states are the only ones that instantly harmonize the other planes.

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