The explainers of Krishnamurti

The issue is as follows:
There are already many analyzes of the teachings of Krishnamurti. There are whole books explaining it. Someone even once said that there was already a "K literary movement" in which many authors deal with explaining the teachings to others, something against which K warned a lot.

For me, each and every one of these analyzes are harmful because inevitably the teachings are filtered and distorted by the author's conditionings.

There are very few people in whom meditations arise and can amplify the shock wave of the teachings (so to speak), but such people never focus on K's personality or take the teaching itself as an object of analysis; rather, these meditations (as with K) are directed to the understanding of reality, of life.

That is, the person who lives the teachings is not going to deal with the logical dissection of what K has said; instead, it will direct its empty gaze towards reality and something that is not himself will be expressed.

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First bloom

By 2011 I made several attempts to plant "silk floss" (Ceiba speciosa) in our land of San Marcos Sierra, but the low temperatures of the area proved to be deadly unless the trunks and branches were protected in the winter nights.

Once the trunk reaches a diameter close to 10 cm the tree seems to withstand the cold by itself.

This year of 2017 its first bloom is a celebration.