Synchronicity and the flow of energies

My answer to a request in Quora:
Does a long time practitioner in Yijing develop a skill to better perceive what Carl Jung called the signs of synchronicity?

My point of view differs a bit from the traditional I Ching scholar; I am the author of a different version (I Ching of the Wanderers - I Ching de los Caminantes) that is based on the same principles of synchronicity but that accentuates the importance of one's sensibility to correctly perceive reality.

One should always be attentive to the signs of synchronicity but also to something called "the flow of energies." What we often call "synchronicity" is nothing more than the natural evolution of energetic currents, for example, when it passes from the chaotic to the ordered state, or from the ordered state to the mutant state.

In the chaotic state, things happen in a disconnected way; in the ordered state, things happen in a way that is strongly dependent on each other - as in a machine - and in the third form, the mutant, things happen fluidly, which is then called "synchronicity".

Therefore, if we are attentive to the flow of energies, we will also be observing what Jung called "synchronicity", because such an event is only one of the manifestations of the mutant state.

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