T1: How much will live Hugo Chavez?

This experiment tries to elucidate two questions:
  1. Whether the current president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, will be cured of the cancer he has - or not.
  2. If he does not heal, how long he will live.
The test is in spanish.
To date, the difference between "he will not be cured" and "he will be cured" has widened with the days; the prediction is clearly "he will not be cured."
At this point, the only question that remains is the date when Chavez could die. Most of the time, the option that indicates 2012 as the possible year of his death, is the one that has been longer on top. But the other two options are very close, so we decided to extend the predictive experiment in the blog "Vaticinio"
To date, the prediction is that Hugo Chavez will not be cured of the cancer, no definition about the date of his death.

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