Economic corruption is just a reflection of something deeper

If I could vote today in Spain, I would vote PACMA. 

It is more important for this country, morally speaking, to stop hanging 30,000 greyhounds every year, to stop organizing "traditional fiestas" where teens kill calves in front of children and drunken parents, to stop spearing bulls, to stop throwing goats from bell towers, to stop tormenting donkeys... and the long list of cruelty to animals for which Spain is sadly notorious. It is more important that than ending economic corruption - even considering that the issue of corruption is really screwed here.

I think you can hit deeper in the Spanish group mind ending the mistreatment of animals than jailing 400 corrupts that sooner or later will receive what they deserve, anyway. 

Logically, if both things happen, well ... how wonderful! But if I were forced to choose, I'd rather start with the deep healing of the spirit, because the economic corruption is only a superficial manifestation of a deeper corruption: the corruption of the relationship with nature.

And that healing begins exactly like this: preventing cruelty, extending compassion.

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