The Beauty rests surprisingly anywhere

Bess├Ęde de Sault
Jean-Luc PJL

Response to a comment on this photo.

Regarding that tree that you say is as beautiful as any other Castilian, of course, is what I am saying.

I say that beauty is a mystery because it is something that is wandering around the world. Maybe the day before, or a month before, that same tree, that same perspective would not have been extraordinary. But one morning you go through the same place you've been through hundreds of times, and suddenly you realize that there is something else, a beauty that was not before. It can last for hours or days, but then, inevitably, it will also go away.
The beautiful are the outer forms, which remain, plus a mysterious special grace, which comes and goes with light or with wind or for inconceivable reasons.
This is much more visible to performance artists, who know perfectly well that they can play 100 times a theatre play but that the magic will only occur in a few of those times. And so are the painters and even the writers.
I believe that true artists are, essentially, hunters not so much of the apparent but of that stealthy grace.

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