Just another "shoddy Krishnamurti" more. This time, even more dangerous

I found this photo after writing the note.
It is curious the liking that false teachers have about
placing flowers near them, when they are lying.

I think that Jeff Foster is even more dangerous than Tolle in the sense that (more shrewdly than Tolle) has avoided several points that could typecasting him as K's "interpreter":
    • There is no way to know how he makes money out of this, except for his books. He does not charge - as does Tolle - even to witness the recordings of his videos.
    • Adopts a position of "we are friends, I am not a guru" avoiding the stage with flowers like Tolle.
    • He does not mention K in the sense that he is someone who exposes his teachings; however, many things he says, K said it years before.
      I think that this introduction on his website can largely define Foster's message:
      "I do not see myself as a spiritual or self-help guru, or even a 'teacher', really, although some people like to call me that. I see myself rather as a loving friend, who simply reminds you of what, deep down, you have always known: that there is nothing wrong with you ... and that you are loved beyond words, always, just as you are, in this moment ... " 

      Wow. Hard to find anything more contrary to what K has said. The question is: why do people associate Foster with something similar to Krishnamurti's teachings? Just because they feel good when are close to him, or because he's good-looking, or because he's a Cambridge astrophysicist?

      Because if we refer to his words, he is proclaiming the deepest acceptance of the "Me" that can be expressed by the most threatening New Age guru I can know about.

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